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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Websites I Love

There are websites that I find myself drawn to almost every day... whether to drool over, get tips, recipes or just because they're fun.  I love it when people share their favorite sites with me, it gives me something relaxing to do while Maeve is taking her afternoon siesta. 

So I thought I'd give you a list of sites that I absolutely love, for when you find yourself with a few precious moments of down time. :)

Pioneer Woman  -  Yeah, you hear me rave about her all the time on Facebook! She is amazing.. she cooks real food (none of this fufu crap), it's good old fashioned home cook'n. Her recipes are easy, delicious and she provides step-by-step pictures of how to make it... so it's almost impossible to screw up the recipe.  Plus her photography is phenominal, and she even has a photography section on her site where she provides tips and so on.  Check her out, she will inspire you! 
(Special "thank you" goes out to Shannon for introducing me to PW).

Belk - Clothes for the family! I had never heard of this store until I was reading celebrity gossip on Yahoo where Jessica Simpson was promoting her new clothing line, and Belk happen to be sponsoring the party.  I Googled them and quickly found myself saying, "I need to order that!"  They have clothes for the whole family, some of the items are a little pricey, but when they have sales - they go all out on the discounts.  I found a pair of jeans normally priced at $65 that were on sale for $19! 

Picnik - Easy (and free) photo editing.  You can upload a picture (or 5 at a time), and edit pictures using all sorts of filters and adjustments.  Before Jed bought me Photoshop, I was using this website every day for my photo project!

Novica - Artists/crafters from all sorts of exotic locations sell their handmade items here.  The site is in association with National Geographics, and all the artists are certified through them.  You can buy handcrafted jewelry, tapestries, home decor and all sorts of neat things.

Light in the Box - Now my review on this site is technically still pending, but so far this site has been a lifesaver.  They sell wholesale items that are produced in China.  Now I know there's a lot of people who refuse to buy "Made in China" items these days with all the lead issues and what not, but for inexpensive special occassion dresses, this site is a must see.  They reproduce all sorts of celebrity red carpet dresses in different colors and can even custom tailor it to your measurements. I just ordered my gown about a week ago, so it should be here next week! :)  I'll keep ya posted on the results.

Tiger Direct -  Anytime my husband & I are in the market for new electronics, we always check this site first to see their price.  They sell new (as well as refurbished items), super cheap.  This is the site Jed ordered my DSLR camera through, and we were able to save close to $200!  Not everything on that site is cheaper than other stores, but when they have deals, generally they are too good not to pass up!

Army Wives Forums - This site is like crack, I check it every day.  This is an awesome social site for military wives.  The women on there exchange all sorts of info, tips and what not for military life as well as every day life. Plus many of the wives/fiances/girlfriends have found it to be a great support system during deployments.

Blunt Card - I get a good laugh everytime I visit that site.  The stuff that guy creates is hillarious and screwed up, but there's always some truth to it. hehe  You've just gotta see it for yourself.

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