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Friday, September 24, 2010

Chusok & Fall Harvest

I just wanted to share what a nice experience I had yesterday.  Maeve and I were headed to the playground down the street from our apartment, and along our walk I noticed that one of the produce vendors had some beautiful pumpkins for sale. Since I had previously mentioned on my FB profile the other day about how I wanted to buy a Korean pumpkin, I thought I'd go check it out!

So I asked how much (in Korean - Go Me! lol). They told me 10,000Won (which is about $8 or $9USD). Then they waved at their daughter, asking her to come out and talk to me. Their daughter spoke English fluently, and it turns out she teaches English as a 2nd language at an elementary school. She just happen to be home visiting since it's Chusok here (Korean version of Thanksgiving).

Their daughter went on to tell me about how her grandmother grew these pumpkins, and then asked me what I would use them for. (They don't see many Americans in this area where we live off post, especially random white people asking to buy pumpkins lol). So I explained to her that Halloween was next month and I needed a good pumpkin. She didn't make the connection, and so I gave her the abridged version of what Halloween is like back in the states.

Anyway, before leaving, they insisted I take a picture of their pumpkins. They were really nice people, and needless to say I will definitely be buying from them in the future.

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